Massage & Body Treatments

Massage Treatments at Tanaz

Reduce tension and relieve the negative effects of everyday stress.  Our massage and alternative treatments are de-stressing, tension relieving and highly soothing, resulting in the ultimate relaxation of mind and body.


Swedish Massage

This is a gentle, rhythmic massage administered to relax soft body tissue and promote healing.  It is a lighter touch than other forms of massage.  It can loosen stiff joints, reduce muscle tension and help circulation.  If it is the first time you are getting a massage, Swedish massage is the perfect place to start.

60 min $78

90 min $115


Deep Tissue Massage

An invigorating deep pressure treatment that works on releasing muscle tension and knots.  This massage increases blood and oxygen flow to the tissues in addition to keeping the muscles supple.

60 min $78

90 min $115


Hot Stone Massage

Soothe your mind, body and spirit with this deeply relaxing massage considered by many as the most relaxing massage of all.  The profoundly penetrating heat of the smooth volcanic stones used in this treatment add a new dimension to the traditional massage.

60 min $115

90 min $152



The feet are said to be a map of the body.  Skilled manipulation of specific pressure points on the feet reduces stress, increases well being and improves the flow of energy in the body bringing about the body’s own natural balance.  This is a truly relaxing experience.

30 min $45

60 min $75

Pregnancy Massage

This massage is specifically designed for expectant mothers. A special pillow is used to support and make the mum-to-be as comfortable as possible.  The massage relieves back and hip pain, swelling in the limbs and headaches.  Available after your first trimester.

60 min $78

90 min $115



A body treatment is like a facial for your body.  We begin with a thorough exfoliation using Dead Sea Salt combined with aromatic oils to bring out smooth glowing skin and continue on with a body mask (wrap). You are then enveloped in a heated blanket and your program will be brought to conclusion with a suitable body lotion generously massaged into your skin.  There are variety of wraps each unique in its own way.  Choose from the unique collection below or allow our expert therapists to choose the right one for you.  No matter what treatment you choose, the result is a new you……refreshed and relaxed with smooth glowing skin.

Slimming Wrap

A slimming treatment to address all areas.  The ingredients complement each other to promote contouring, draining and firming.  This is an all-in-one body contouring program. For dramatic result, a series of treatments is recommended.

60 min $130


Anti-aging Wrap

This is a relaxing anti-aging treatment with antioxidants and peptides. The creamy texture of the wrap provides a moment of pure pleasure and relaxation.  The skin is smoother, more refined and its elasticity is improved.  A series of treatments is highly recommended.

60 min $130


Brittany Mud Wrap

Feeling tired and lacking energy? This is the treatment for you.  The velvety textured mud harvested from the coastline of Brittany is used to soothe localized muscle and joint aches and pains.  Rich in minerals and trace elements it aids to de

60 min $130


SunFx Spray Tan

Partial Body $26

Full Body $47

*Prices subject to change.