BB Cream SPF25 Anti-Fatigue Absolute Sunscreen


BB Cream SPF25 Anti-Fatigue Absolute Sunscreen


BB Cream SFP25 Anti-Fatigue Absolute Sunscreen
30 ml / 1.0 oz

This new generation product perfects a flawless complexion, overflowing the skin with vitality.

The BB Cream SFP25 Anti-Fatigue Absolute Sunscreen makes skin instantly and lastingly more beautiful by acting on the surface and deeply treating the skin. It does it all:

- evens out the complexion and camouflages imperfections
- restores the skin's radiance
- protects against aging, wrinkles, and brown spots caused by sun exposure
- stimulates vitality, cellular exchange and surface microcirculation
- offers an instant energy boost to fight superficial fatigue
- eliminates toxins
- refreshes, purifies, and tightens pores
- improves skin clarity
- stimulates cell energy
- firms
-moisturizes, your face is radiant with smooth, protected, even skin.

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Release energy inside the cells

Lack of sleep, pollution, UV rays, stress or emotions can wear down the skin’s defenses at any time. The skin loses its ability to recover. Skin fatigue becomes a trigger for signs of aging. The Orlane Laboratories have developed an Absolute Skin Recovery program capable of recharging the skin with energy and elements essential to its vitality. Smoothed and revitalized, the skin glows with new radiance.

The absolute recovery treatment for the face.

 Fatigue is an aggravating factor in aging. Our skin reflects our lifestyle, staggering under the impact of stress, overwork and daily annoyances. Absolute Skin Recovery reeducates your skin, helping restore its natural mechanisms.