Hydrating Special


Hydrating Special


Hydrating Special
A $280 Value at a special price of $175. You save over 35%.

  Our best selling Hydration Special is back by popular demand!

This special value set contains two full size Super Moisturizing Concentrates.

Super Moisturizing Concentrate

An intensive hydration treatment, ideal for dehydrated skin or skin subjected to extreme climatic conditions. Restores a proper moisture balance and maintains hydration at an optimum level. Hydrated, the skin is protected and supple, softer and appears younger-looking.

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Teach your skin to maintain moisture

With age, the skin loses its natural abilities to maintain its hydric balance. Based on their research on hyaluronic acid and their understanding of hydration mechanisms, the Orlane Laboratories have developed a program capable of optimizing the capture and regulation of water in the epidermis. Day after day, the skin learns how to replenish itself again and withstand the effects of time more efficiently.

Restores the cells’ water balance, quenching the thirstiest skin. All skin has trouble retaining the water that it needs. When the skin becomes dehydrated, it loses its vitality and “wilts”. Skin that is more mature and subject to harsher conditions can become dry, very dry and rough to the touch. The Hydration Program restores the cells’ moisture balance and compensates for their nutritive deficiencies.