Oligio Vitamin Starter Set


Oligio Vitamin Starter Set


Oligo Vitamin Starter Set

A super affordable kit to experience the New Oligo Vitamin line.

Included is a 15 ml jar of the Vitality Radiance Antioxidant Cream, a 15 ml tube of the Vitality Radiance Mask, and a 50 ml bottle of the Vitality Radiance Micellar Cleansing Water.

Vitality Radiance Antioxidant Cream
Gives skin enhanced radiance, vitality and maximum protection.

Vitality Radiance Mask
Peach-soft skin, stunning complexion, the skin is soft, vitalized, moisturized and radiant.

Vitality Radiance Micellar Cleansing Water
The skin is clear, fresh, and bright.

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Oligo Vitamin Program

A real 'beauty breakfast' for the skin, giving you the daily minimum recommended dose of essential elements it needs. A healthy complexion and skin glowing with vitality and radiance is exactly what the new OLIGO program promises. With their hypoallergenic formula, these targeted treatments are intended for all women, regardless of their age, and are designed to suit all skin types, even the most sensitive.