Whitening Cream


Whitening Cream


Soin de Blanc Whitening Cream
50 ml / 1.7 oz

In addition to the AWC (Arbutin Whitening Concentrate) complex, the whitening cream contains the Soy Plant Complex which fights spots, aging and inflammation. This plant complex lures Elastase, and enzyme that destroys elastin which causes aging and loss of tissue tone. It also helps to stimulate cellular renewal, make brown spots less visible, the skin is protected, supple, and toned.

Stimulates the elimination of epidermal cells loaded with melanin and preserves the youthfulness of the skin by protecting collagen and elastin. The skin regains its transparency; the complexion is lightened.

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Whitening Program

ORLANE expertise meets Japanese science in this “treatment” that helps prevent and correct the excess pigmentation that marks the diaphanous and even perfection of a milky complexion. The skin regains its translucency, radiance and purity.

Whitening Program An incredibly high-tech formula at the core of the Soin de Blanc Whitening Line whitens existing brown spots and prevents new ones from forming. The Arbutin Whitening Concentrate (AWC) is made up of:

- Arbutin: The gold standard whitening ingredient, used to block melanin formation.

- Sophora: By acting before melanin is produced, this plant extract keeps melanin production to a minimum. Brown spots have no time to appear, and the skin remains radiant.

- Vitamin B5: This enzyme is involved in melanin synthesis: it lightens existing spots and stops activation of tyrosinase. The complex has a preventive effect on factors that diminish the appearance of brown spots (oxidation, inflammation, and dehydration).

The Orlane solution includes three plants which prevent irritation and oxidation:
- Rosemary leaf extract
- Scutellaria baicalensis root extract
- Quince seed extract